Farmapper is built to serve the agricultural community. It is equal parts, social, cloud mapping program, file cabinet and data management tool. These videos are a great way to show the hybrid vigor of Farmapper.

Common uses

This video explains how to create, find and use listings in Farmapper. A simple story of farmers working together.

Reap what you sow and use Farmapper tracts, stickers and projects to easily and quickly create Farmapper Channel listings. Listings can be used to advertise to buy | sell | rent a whole host of categories of farm products. It just makes perfect sense to use your farm shape to advertise ground for rent while using a sticker to advertise hay or a old tractor for sale.

Shorter version of the previous video explaining just how to navigate the listings in Farmapper channels

This video is a general introduction to Farmapper from the perspective of a realtor. It shows how to use public land survey and allotment databases, how to share a farm, add documents and more.

User guide videos
Easily locate and start building your farm project. These videos provide instruction on onboarding to the Farmapper community. Step-by-step instruction to create your personal farm map in the cloud and customize with as much detail and documents as you want. The map shapes, tracts, documents and stickers can then be leveraged to quickly and easily collaborate with anyone. Share a URL, share on Facebook or create a listing.
The most important thing in Farmapper is a tract. In this video we explain what it is, how it looks like and how to work with them.